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What to do When Hp Printer is not Turning on?

As we all know that there are so many problems that are related to a printer and one of those problems and which is very common among the HP printer users is that when their printer is not starting up. Well, there are so many reasons that can cause this error including hardware problems. Our HP Printer Customer Support Canada has actually cracked a way to resolve this issue completely.

To help you out, Hp Printer Technical Support team has given some easy steps which you might want to consider in order making your printer more reliable and functional as it was at the time of purchase.

  • First of all, plug your printer to a power outlet.
  • Press the power button and wait till it responds back in the form a light indicator
  • We recommend not to hold the power button too long 
  • Now, turn off your printer and remove all the power connections and check for any visible damage
  • If you find that the power code is damage, we recommend you to buy a new one straight away
  • Turn on your printer again 
  • If it doesn’t turn on try connect it to another power outlet
  • Now, unplug the USB connector and turn it back on 
  • If the printer powers on without the USB cable we recommend to replace it as soon as possible

We hope that these instructions and methods have helped you a lot and probably after using these steps, you’ll be able to use your printer like before and most importantly, there will be no such errors like this. Still if you find yourself stuck or you are facing an error, worry not and feel free to call us on our official Hp Printer Support Number Canada: +1-778-806-1736 to get world class assistance from our technicians.

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