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How to Print Envelops in Dell Printer?

Dell printers are a great deal in today’s time, for the type of printing quality that they provide is so fulfilling and terrific that the brand has procured customers throughout the world. There are many types of printers by Dell and each performs remarkably. These printers have made the printing task interesting and also have facilitated many businesses in their everyday operations. Remember back in time when you will write a letter and post it in an envelope, you had to right the address of each sender of course. Now, you do not have to do that as Dell printers can do just that for you. You can customize any envelope according to your needs.

The method to effectively print an envelope is frankly quite simple and similar to printing on a normal size paper. However, we will assist you in the process to eliminate any misunderstanding.

  • Load your envelopes into the paper tray of the printer. Make sure that the side you have print on is on the up side.
  • These envelops are on smaller side and tend to be a bit misplace. Therefore, make sure that you adjust the size on your paper tray according to your envelopes.
  • Now, you need to move the thickness lever of your printer and this will make sure that your media is placed precisely where it should be.
  • On your laptop, open the document or the image you wish to print and click on File followed by Print.
  • Click on “envelope” in the media type.
  • Once the command has been given it will start to print. 

If you have any queries on this matter and want legit answers to them, then go ahead and contact Dell Printer Support Canada: 1-855-253-4222 and the experts will provide you their world class assistance.

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