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How to Alter the Size of the Font on Hp Printer?

If you are thinking to buy a printer which is perfect for a home use as well as office use, then select the best from an HP Inkjet printer. This is highly preferred for both household and business purpose. They offer scanner, cartridges, printer, and much more related products in the market. Though there are many users who face issues with their printer about which they don’t have any idea. Some users might face an issue while setting the alignment and altering the fonts.

Before assigning a command to your printer, you have to make sure about its entire layout; the alignments and the font size. Everything should be up to the mark as the main concern is a margin from both the sides, so that the text doesn’t get wiped out and disturbed.

You can make this change in your HP printer, for this, continue reading this page.
  • Select the document and press the Ctrl + P to print the page. It’ll pop-up a print window.
  • Go to the menu bar and visit the section of page layout. There and then, adjust the margin precisely so that text doesn’t wipe out.
  • Click on the printer preview this will display a picture indicating the changes you made on the sheet.
  • Now, make a large and to that press the Ctrl + A key and then roll the cursor and go to the format of the changes.
  • Again go to menu bar if you want to change something and hit the print button to print the page.

If you are not clear with the process, we have a backup team. Let our executives get the opportunity to help you in HP printer’s issue. Dial our number HP Printer Customer Support Canada: +1-778-806-1736 or you can reach our executives via live chat or email.

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