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Easy and Simple Steps to Clean HP Printer Rollers

In the market of print media, we have a big player which is dominating the print media market till date and that player is a HP Printer. This type of printer is very popular among students and in the official workspace as well. As we all know that facing problems and issues are very common in a HP Printer and these issues are most probably unavoidable. One of the major issues that a user faces is with printer rollers. Sometimes these rollers get stuck and wouldn’t let in the papers from the tray. The reason behind this issue is that a roller gets dirty by time which needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.

You can easily get rid of this dirt by cleaning up those rollers. To help you out with this whole process, some easy instructions are given below which are provided by the HP Printer Customer Support Canada itself which you might want to consider.

  • Firstly turn off your printer and to make it safer, unplug the Power Cable as well
  • Open the cover and then expose its rollers
  • Do not leave any paper in the inlet and the outlet tray
  • Now, take a damp cloth and then hold it against the first roller with one hand. 
  • Using  your other hand turn the roller manually
  • Wait for the rollers to get completely dried 
  • Now, connect the power cord to the printer and turn it on
  • To check the rollers working fine, take a print out of a test page. 
  • Now the rollers should work properly taking in and out the paper properly from the tray.

We hope that after implementing these instructions your printer will be able to work properly. If not, please let us know the issue by dialing up to us on our official HP Printer Support Number Australia: +1-778-806-1736.

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